Reforestation Services, Inc.
has been in the business of vegetation management since the 1950s using helicopters on forest lands and hyrail tankers and off-track trucks on railroad right-of-way property.

Under the current leadership of Stan Rogers, RSI has expanded its vision to include using helicopters for fertilizing, pest control, fire-fighting, long line applications, rotor-wash crop drying, and aerial torch lighting among others. Our railroad efforts include spraying, weed-eating, brush and species-specific maintenance both on and off track. Our on-staff chemical experts provide formulations to control all vegetative pests including noxious weeds in many western states. As a distributor, we stock and sell agricultural chemicals to meet the needs of our local major farm customers in the Willamette Valley and further south.

NoxiousDriving and safety training is conducted on-site as well as in the field. We provide third-party training for multiple-state certifications and, although our work is seasonal in nature, because of the comprehensive and diverse services we provide, our people are employed year-round.